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The number of Facebook users in our country is hundreds of millions! 99.9% of the total population of the country uses Facebook. Due to the constant movement of billions of people on Facebook, a huge business has developed around this social platform. A variety of businesses worth billions of dollars are run through Facebook pages. Ad cost is very low on the Facebook platform. In digital Bangladesh, Facebook is now not only a tool for business success, but it is also possible to build a career if you acquire skills in this regard. As business is becoming more and more Facebook-centric, various companies are now hiring skilled people at high salaries. Due to the lack of skilled people compared to the demand, the demand for skilled people in Facebook Marketing is more than in any other sector. In the near future, the demand for skilled people will increase and not decrease. It is also possible to make a career as a digital marketer by acquiring skills.

What will you learn from this course?

In this course, we’ll learn to establish an online presence, create posts, build a following, and manage Facebook accounts. Students will develop skills in creating and managing advertising campaigns in Facebook and learn to evaluate the results of their marketing efforts.

• Create and analyze an effective advertising campaign for the target audience

• Create, edit, and troubleshoot ads in Facebook Ads Manager

• Create a creative brief that includes the assets for the paid ad

• Establish and manage a social media presence.

• Content development

• Brand management

• Facebook marketing strategy

Course Specification:

  • 2+ hours video

  • 25+ Videos

  • 20+ Quizzes

  • Certificate 

  • Lifetime access

Expert Instructor for this Course:

  • Nayim Adnan (Digital Marketing Specialist, Sr.Faculty Creative IT Institute, 5+ years of Freelancing Experience)

Skills Covered