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Microsoft Excel is an important application used in our daily work. Microsoft Excel is used by more than 750 million users globally to perform daily tasks including data analysis and presentation. Being skilled in Microsoft Excel is very important in every field of education or job sector. It is the most popular tool for data presentation and analysis. Hence, MS Excel is a must-have application for all students and professionals. MS Excel makes it very simple to keep the capital, cost, profit, production, distribution, salary, and personnel count of any firm. It is software that helps to keep track of research or analysis, data entry, or accounting.  A special feature of the application is the Mathematics Plug, which automatically and accurately performs addition and subtraction. It allows users to discover trends as well as organize and filter data into relevant categories. From general accounting to project management, strategic analysis, business analysis, project management, and managing operations, everything can be done with Excel.

What will you learn from this course?

  • Basic to Advanced concepts of MS Excel

  • Data Validation, VBA, Lookup Table, Graph and Chart, Microsoft Excel Macro

  • Column creation, editing, and unnecessary column deletion

  • Learn how to store multiple sets of Excel data in one table by learning Pivot Table

  • Basic and advanced level concepts of Excel Functions

  • Prepare Report using MS Excel and Prepare Spreadsheet as required

  • Practical understanding of Worksheets, Editing and deleting unnecessary data from spreadsheets.

  • How to Unlock Dynamic Formulas like IF, VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH function, and more.

Course Specification:

  • 4+ hours of project-based tutorials

  • 40+ Videos

  • 50+ Quizzes

  • Practice sheet

  • Certificate

  • Lifetime access

Expert Instructor for this Course:

Shohan Hossain Ean (Professional Master in IT, Faculty Member OF Creative IT Institute, CBT&A (Level-4) Certified, 8+ year’sExperience)

Skills Covered