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  • PowerPoint is used by an estimated 500 million individuals globally, and 35 million presentations are delivered using it daily on average. It is a crucial component of Microsoft Office. There is no denying PowerPoint's importance in producing engaging presentations. PowerPoint is used in almost every context, including classes, seminars, and business meetings. In addition to designing slides, PowerPoint can be used for visual design and animation. PowerPoint can be used to make fantastic infographics. In addition, PowerPoint is a requirement for tasks like designing interactive posters for Facebook or Instagram posts. PowerPoint is an example of a multitasking application. It is crucial to learn it in order to acquire fundamental skills. With a few clicks, the user can add pictures, text, visualizations, sounds, and many more effects. In most business meetings, PowerPoint presentations make the sessions more entertaining for the listeners than in the old traditional manner of representation. PowerPoint experts are in high demand in creative fields such as design, animation, and typography. Consequently, developing new skills will give you a new source of money while simultaneously enhancing your career.

    What will you learn from this course?

    • Learn about Essentials PowerPoint Tools

    • PowerPoint Customization and Design Template Customization

    • Creating Presentation Slides, Adding Images, and Using Sound

    • Giving different designs to each slide using Special Motion in the presentation

    • Various very useful Tips and Tricks of PowerPoint

    • Various Shortcuts required by PowerPoint

    • File Management and Interactive Portfolio Presentation

    • Learn about the job market and freelancing marketplace.

    Course Specification:

    • 4+ hours of project-based tutorials

    • 15+ Videos

    • 20+ Quizzes

    • Practice Resources

    • Certificate

    • Lifetime access

    Expert Instructor for this Course:

    Tirthendu Haldar Rana (Professional Graphic Designer, Sr. Faculty- Creative IT Institute, Former Trainer in National Parliament of Bangladesh, 11 years+ Experience).

Skills Covered