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With so many aspects of our lives now entwined with using technology in an online world, supporting our children and young people to be digitally resilient is fundamental. Our Online Learning courses include lessons you can use right now to build your own skills and empower others.

This course will help you understand digital resilience, which encapsulates the need to develop knowledge, skills and strategies. Parallelly it will also help develop the ability to understand and recognize threats that exist on the internet, as well as having the skills and knowledge to avoid these threats. 

What you will learn from this course

In this course, you will learn what Online Safety is and what activities you should avoid.

This course will give you an understanding of the following:

  • Managing online experience safely and responsibly while protecting your digital identity

  • Identifying and mitigating risks to stay safe from harm online

  • Understanding the importance of using reliable sources and employing critical thinking skills to identify misinformation

  • Seeking help when needed

  • Learning from experiences and recovering when things go wrong

  • Thriving and benefitting from the opportunities that the internet offers.

Course Specification

  • 7+ Videos

  • Quiz

  • Certificate

  • Lifetime Access

Instructors for this Course

Md. Imranur Rahman


Head of MyGP Product

Grameenphone Ltd.

Nabeelah Enayet Prova


Head of Prime Accounts 1, Business Division

Grameenphone Ltd.

Skills Covered